"Carl Is Jealous"

Air Date

October 18, 2010

U.S Viewers (Millions)


Written By

Mark Roberts and Don Foster

Directed By

James Burrows

Next Episode

"Mike's Apartment"

Previous Episode

Mike's Not Ready

This is Episode Five of Mike & Molly


Carl becomes jealous of the time that Mike is spending with Molly and feels left out. So Molly decides she should set him up with her sister Victoria and they should double date. But as they are at the resturant they see Michael Jordan and Victoria ends up sleeping with him.


Main CharactersEdit

Billy Gardell as Mike Biggs

Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn

Reno Willson as Carl McMillan

Katy Mixon as Victoria Flynn

Nyambi Nyambi as Samuel

Swoosie Kurtz as Joyce Flynn

Cleo King as Rosetta


Carl becomes jealous of Mike always with Molly

Did You Know?Edit


- Michael Jordan is seen in this episode by the characters and they all say what they think about him.

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