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Michael "Mike" Biggs




Smiles Biggs (Father)

Peggy Biggs (Mother)


Police Officer


Molly Flynn

Hair Color


Eye Color


Played By

Billy Gardell

Officer Michael Biggs, a Chicago Police officer attempting to shed some pounds. He is humorous and thoughtful. Mike is a huge fan on ball games like the cubs baseball, bulls basketball, and bears foot ball of Chicago also a fan of bowling and fishing.


Jack Biggs Edit

He is Mike's father. He used to work as a Chicago PD officer. When Mike was Younger his dad ran away to florida with a prostitute.

Peggy BiggsEdit

Peggy Biggs, Mike's mother. She is very controlling and traditional, as well as grumpy and cranky. She often refers to her husband leaving her and running away with a prostitute.

Molly Flynn Edit

Molly is Mike's wife. She is a writer. She is a really nice and caring wife.


Mike is a Police Officer along with is crime fighting partner Carl Mcmillon.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Michael "Mike" Biggs is played by actor Billy Gardell.

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