"Mike's Not Ready"

Air Date

October 11, 2010

U.S Viewers (Millions)


Written By

Mark Roberts and Chuck Lorre

Directed By

James Burrows

Next Episode

Carl Is Jealous

Previous Episode

First Kiss

This is Episode Four of Mike and Molly


Molly misunderstands Mike's reasoning for not wanting to come inside her house after a date and breaks-up with him. After getting drunk in a bar, Mike reveals that he's ashamed of his own body, and that's the reason why he had been taking things too slow with Molly. After leaving the bar, Mike, Carl, Samuel and the taxi driver, Ndugu, go to Molly's house where Mike decides to serenade Molly. When he reaches her window, he tells her why he wasn't ready to take the next step, and that he wants the first time to be very special. However, he passes out while on the ladder and the gang is forced to spend the night at Molly's house.


Main CharactersEdit

Billy Gardell as Mike Biggs

Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn

Reno Willson as Carl McMillan

Katy Mixon as Victoria Flynn

Nyambi Nyambi as Samuel

Swoosie Kurtz as Joyce Flynn

Louis Mustillo as Vincent Moranto

Minor CharactersEdit

Burl Moseley as Ndugu

Mike Seigal as Marty


The title of this episode meens that after their date Molly invites Mike into her house but he declines and leaves. Molly thinks that he is just using her but it's because Mike is ashamed of his body

Did You Know?Edit


Samuel: "Thats not something you see everyday, a house giving birth to a man."

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