Air Date

September 20, 2010

U.S Viewers (Millions)


Written By

Mark Roberts

Directed By

James Burrows

Next Episode

First Date

The is Episode One of Mike & Molly.


Mike struggles with his new diet. At an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, Molly sympathizes with Mike and invites him to come speak to her fourth grade class. Later, he appears at her home after a robbery and asks her out on a date. She says yes.


Main CharctersEdit

Billy Gardell as Mike Biggs

Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn

Reno Willson as Carl McMillan

Katy Mixon as Victoria Flynn

Nyambi Nyambi as Samuel

Swoosie Kurtz as Joyce Flynn

Minor CharactersEdit

Tucker Albazzi as Tucker

Zachary Balagot as Gary

Chadney Brewer as Abe's Regular

Brendan Ptrick Conor as Group Leader

James McElroy as Jerome

Kiara Muhammad as Krystal

Kathy Nagler as Dispatcher

John O'Brien as Waiter


The title means that it is the start of the series and the first episode.

Did You Know?Edit


When the 2 cops sit in the restaurant and Mike only has the sausage and the water Carl has a bottle with an orange beverage in it. The height of the liquid in the bottle switches between the shots. Towards the end of this scene Mike's left hand holds his water bottle and in the next shot he doesn't.

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